Fast and Easy Hard Money Fix and Flip Loans


We leverage technology to expedite your loan process. Go from application to close in a fraction of the time it takes with other lenders.


Our application manager means you know exactly where your application stands and what you need to do next. All of our fees disclosed up front. Because no one likes surprises.


From single and multi-family to luxury and commercial properties, the range of property types and their needs vary. We have the speed and flexibility to structure our loans to accommodate both the simplest and most complex transactions.


Your best interest is our best interest. Providing the best services and most competitive rates on the market, our borrowers have the opportunity to grow and flourish while perfecting their craft.

We’re funding fix and flips up to 80% ARV in many states. Depending on the strength of the file, we are funding most of the purchase and rehab costs.

  • 10% to 15% down is possible and varies based on location.
  • Terms are 6 months to 4 years
  • Rates are 7% to 15%
  • 2.5 to 5 points
  • Min loan amount is $50K. Lower loan amounts on a case by case basis depending on location.
  • Gap funding is allowed in our hard money programs on a case by case basis.
  • 1 to 4 unit residential, condos and townhomes allowed too.
  • Credit not a concern if closing in the name of an entity.

We have 17 years of experience in renovation loans and offer flexible underwriting to match your needs and circumstances.

Please contact us at if you wish us to review a project or apply here.

A lot of people dream of getting into the business of fixing and flipping homes, but funding is the number one obstacle. You need capital to purchase homes and cover the cost of renovations before you can flip them for a profit.

Centurion Equity Consulting, LLC is willing to finance fix and flip loans up to 80% of the ARV. When it comes to buying a home or a property that you plan to rehab and resell, a fix and flip loan may be just what you need if you’re not sitting on a huge pile of cash. Fix and flip loans work a little differently than conventional home loans allowing for renovations and using the after repaired value as the basis for determining the LTV.

Fix and Flip Application