Why Use Blanket Loan?

Blanket Loan Residential and Commercial Loans

Why you should you consider refinancing your Portfolio:

1. Better return on your investment

You may improve your rate of return by obtaining a longer amortization, lower rates, paying off private or hard money loans or by utilizing an interest only option to maximize cash flow.

2. Simplify Portfolio Management

Making one monthly payment instead of many may be very beneficial to cut down on clerical and management expenses thus increasing rate of return and lowering risk.

3. Improve Your Cash Flow

We offer longer amortization schedules, up to 30 years. Also, interest only options are available.

4. Growing Your Portfolio

The time is right to grow a rental portfolio, rents and demand are rising and values are increasing as well. Refinancing your investment portfolio may give you the cash in hand needed to secure the purchase of new assets, or we may be able to blanket your current assets to facilitate the acquisition of a new portfolio.