Real Estate & Commercial Loan Provider

tomlowry11135Working with us is so much more than “getting your loan closed”. That is, of course, a huge reason to work with any lender. In all actuality, that is not the most important reason to be working with us, though.

You see, not only are we a correspondent to private lenders (as well as unique institutional lenders), we have the relationship built up over 25 years with these lenders. They trust the loan submissions that we send to them and they place a significant amount of immediate time to the files that we submit. Why would they do this? Because when we send in files, our lenders know they are deals that will get done and done quickly and correctly.

Another unique quality that sets us apart from our “competitors” is the fact that we make real relationships with our clients. Most of our clients become like family to us and we close their loans for many years.

The final quality that we feel sets us apart is the fact that we have the liberty in some cases to create a loan program for our clients that never existed before. What we mean by this is that we custom create a loan product that may be “outside the box’ so that our clients can take down the deal they are working on.

To get a better feel for us, our team is led by Tom Lowry. Tom is a Private Lender, Mortgage Broker, Correspondent and Real Estate Investor. Tom started in real estate financing in 1989 when he formed his own company, Covenant Funding, which specialized in buying owner-financed mortgages and land contracts. He also has been a real estate investor since 1989.

When the real estate financing market began to develop a secondary financing market, known as “subprime” or “alternative” loans, Tom realized he could help many more clients by utilizing these loan programs. Today, Tom’s specialty is still financing real estate investors and their commercial and residential properties.

After two successful campaigns as a loan officer, Tom was recruited to become vice president of a local mortgage company. Tom quickly turned this firm into an ultra-successful operation. At this point, Tom was ready for a new challenge. He formed and was president of Main Street Financial for over 13 years. During this time, Tom specialized in obtaining private money lenders that backed Main Street Financial to finance real estate investors. He is now the President of Centurion Equity Consulting, LLC and still specializes in funding real estate investors.